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A photo is worth a thousand words simply because everyone interprets the world differently based on their own perspectives.

I aim to make images that encourage people to use their senses beyond just seeing a pretty picture. I look for emotion and energy, because everyone can relate to that. I shoot to capture the integrity of each moment. Everyone has a story to tell and wants to be heard. Wants to be seen. After all, stories are the deepest connection we have with strangers.

I picked up a DSLR camera in high school and have been covering news, events, features, sports and anything else that helps me grow as a photojournalist and a person since. I want to understand the world and that means being open-minded and putting myself in other’s shoes. It means being present and not just there. Seeing, rather than looking. Exploring, not just traveling.

I graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2018 after being a photo intern with University of Mississippi Communications and the photo editor for the Ole Miss student-run paper The Daily Mississippian. I moved from Oxford, Mississippi, to Fargo, North Dakota, to work as a photojournalist for Valley News Live, a prominent TV station in North Dakota and Western Minnesota. I transitioned not only from photography to videography, but from print to broadcast. I wanted to learn more about the journalism industry and where all I can put my visual passion to use.

Where photos freeze a key moment in time, video emphasizes how important each moment is to the next. It’s another way for me to tell stories, and that’s what’s most important.

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