Marlee Crawford

Multimedia Journalist

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A photo is worth a thousand words simply because everyone interprets the world differently, based on their own perspectives. And that’s okay.

I aim to make images that encourage people to use their senses beyond just seeing a pretty picture. I look for emotion and energy, because everyone can relate to that. I shoot to capture the integrity of each moment. Everyone has a story to tell and wants to be heard.

Stories are the deepest connection we have with strangers.

I picked up a DSLR camera about six years ago, and I’ve been covering news, events, features, sports and anything else that helps me grow as a photojournalist and a person. I want to understand the world and that means being open-minded and putting myself in other’s shoes. It means being present and not just there. It means seeing, rather than looking.

Recently, I’ve gained an interest in videography and multimedia content. Where photos freeze a key moment in time, video emphasizes how important each moment is to the next. It’s another way for me to tell visual stories.